Idahoans want a pro-growth business environment to limit the kind of regulations that place unnecessary or irrational burdens on the hard workers and entrepreneurs of our state. Building a healthy economy requires small government and innovative citizens who pursue their dreams.


We should commit to continual improvement in our schools, recognizing the good work teachers do and the role parents play in supporting the educational success of their children. Education works best when the power and decision making rests at the local level.  Regulations from the federal and state levels should be limited to ensure that local communities can make the most effective decisions for their students.


Without question, Idaho boasts some of the most beautiful places on earth. By following sound principles to responsibly manage our natural resources, we benefit our economy, conserve our standard of living and guarantee a prosperous Idaho for the future.


While recent decades have brought unparalleled change on the world stage, our commitment to enduring values hasn’t and shouldn’t waver. Idahoans embrace values such as honesty, industry, freedom, strong families and a level playing field. We should pursue policies that mirror proven values.


Millions of Americans responsibly own and use firearms each year in the United States. The second amendment to the Constitution guarantees this right and Idaho should continue to lead out in supporting this important amendment.



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