Vote May 15

Primary Elections are the first critical step in making sure your views are represented in Boise. I encourage all Idahoans to vote in the primary elections by either turning up at the polls on Tuesday, May 15 or submitting a Mail-In or Absentee ballot.

Four local Republicans are running for our seat in Idaho’s House of Representatives. Be sure to cast your vote for the Republican candidate you want to see on the general election ballot in November and then in Boise for the next legislative session.

Find how you can best participate below.


Making sure you are registered to vote is the first step. You can choose to register online or to register in person.


Click here or to find your voting location for Bannock County, or here to find where to cast your ballot in Power County.


If you want to vote by mail, you must apply to the County Clerk for either an absentee ballot or mail-in ballot. The deadline to apply is May 4, 2018. After applying, a ballot will be mailed to you and you must mail it or drop it off in time for election day.

Online Request for Mail-in Ballot:

Fill in this PDF Absentee Request Form and send to the Bannock County Elections Office or the Power County Clerk’s Office.

In-person Mail-In Ballot Application

Visit the Bannock County Election Office or the Power County Clerk’s Office to request a mail-in ballot in person.


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